Generic Vardenafil 20mg, Vivanza or Levitra

When comparing name brand levitra online versus offline stores, cheap levitra are good but free levitra are even better — hold on a second, that is just a part of a goof about generic vardenafil 20mg. In case you have not noticed there is quite a bit of sarcasm in this joke. Nevertheless, this article has a different objective. One thing that remains true is that the price of generics and cheap vardenafil sold by online drug stores in contrast to brick-and-mortar pharmacies is dropping virtually every day. And this will be the main idea of the article.

First of all, it is mandatory that generic vardenafil are exactly the same as the branded levitra including side effects, safety and risks. Before approval, the drugs are tested under regulatory scientific pharmaco-surveillance procedures using a strict progressive series; first at laboratories and then in clinical trials for a considerable length of time.

Yes, this process is time consuming and prone to potential failure but you must agree that no element of research and the extraordinary time required for it would cut the cost of developing generics by more than 60-70%. This is probably why these generics are called cheap levitra but not the only reason.

Brand name medications protected by patents are allowed to have exclusive control of pricing for 20 years, which is longer than could be imagined to be continuously affordable, although medical insurance and social security systems make some rather ineffective attempts to fix the situation. Affordable drugs are a huge money making industry for countries like India. The vardenafil 20mg made here are cheap in actual terms and they are sold via vardenafil online pharmacies.

Why are generic vardenafil less expensive at online stores than at brick and mortar drugstores? Let’s take a look at how generic levitra become cheaper still if they are sold by online pharmacies as opposed to your corner drugstore. Generic vardenafil can be bought online at any hour of the day or night because all the operations except dispensing are automated; dispensing is done at some far away location — often by manufacturers or suppliers in the country where the generic drug is manufactured — and so online drug stores do not have to tie up capital in purchasing and stockpiling. Shipment of the online ordered vardenafil is sent to you through the cheapest producer in the store’s network.

This works to the advantage of the online shops and cheap drugs producers at the expense of offline pharmacies. Online pharmacies enjoy the luxury of doing business in a different kind of atmosphere to that of offline pharmacies.

These non-online drug stores have another business disadvantage; namely the tax requirements of the countries where they are located — perversely they remove the advantages that would have derived from social security and medical insurance.

I have a simple philosophy that if the generic drug is exactly the same, it is better to save several hundred dollars by ordering the generic vardenafil online.

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